The 2020 Equipment Specs Handbook has won the annual Interact Media Defined (IMD) cover competition. 

Each year, teams that work on the individual brands brainstorm ideas around the cover to come up with an accurate representation for the industry, but which also represents the brand’s function in the sector it serves.

This year, the Plant Equipment & Hire team, of which the Equipment Specs Handbook is the annual December issue, sat down and decided to look at an option that goes back to basics. This is because many businesses in South Africa this year have taken up a similar strategy based on the various difficulties the country has endured throughout 2019.

Now what better way to go back to basics than to start with a blueprint or technical drawing – which is where every piece of equipment starts.

The next step was to add a relevant piece of equipment, and for this year the team opted for a loader, which is statistically the most utilised piece of equipment across the industries we cater to.

The concept was then to create a simple design and incorporate various technical formulas that represent what the product is intended for – a comprehensive list of specifications for equipment that is available in Southern Africa, but also to add a futuristic hint of the next level of what we can expect from equipment developers.

The payoff line ‘a full payload’ was chosen to represent the turning of the economy in 2020, as we anticipate a full load of business!

The team would like to give special mention and a big thank you to Nicholas Martin, who works as the quality manager for Transvaal Training and develops various learning material and used his creative talent to contribute significantly to designing the winning cover.

Nicholas is a 28-year-old multi-technique artist from Johannesburg that also does airbrushing and graphic design. Please follow Nicholas on Instagram and Facebook @nickscustomart


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